WELCOME! I am a self-taught intuitive painter who recently began living the dream of being an artist who gets to work daily in her studio. The compulsion to make art and create patterns of color on a canvas finally overpowered the responsibilities of life and I have reached my soul’s purpose! I have always been drawn to textures in nature and the way God wove those altogether in our world. From tree bark to textures in the sand and surf, I have always seen things from a different perspective-not the item itself but instead the patterns on them. When I have migraines I get these glorious vivid colors of geometrical shapes they tell me are auras. I’ve always said if I could only paint my auras, I would be at peace with the world. Growing up in the 70’s, I was influenced by the abstract expressionist painters- Rothko and Jackson Pollack and all of the art so popular from Mid-century. I love Picasso and Dali! My dream is to have a canvas large enough I can throw paint on and roll around in it! I would then be complete!

My current work varies between abstract, minimalist landscapes, and the whimsical-(still trying to paint those auras). I like to bring to the canvas textures, patterns, or an impression of a place. I leave the viewer to decide their location while immersed in my landscapes. My whimsical pieces are throwbacks to the 70’s where colors were bold and anything and everything was put together and called good. I desire to capture the viewer and send them on a reminiscence of another place in time- a mini escape you might say. I use a vivid color palette to catch your attention and hold it with the transparency of that palette. I am in love with transparent paints that allow for layer upon layer to make changes to the canvas. My paintings are built layer by layer so there is always a hint of texture or marks hiding underneath.

My biggest desire is for my paintings to give the viewer a glimpse of God's magnificence and glory while uplifting their spirit.  I pray you are touched by the art you find here and you are challenged to see the world’s patterns through new eyes. Please enjoy my site and share with others you think would be encouraged by it as well.

I am currently a studio member at Wild Ibis Art Studios & Gallery, 133 N Grove St., Suite A, Eustis, FL 32726. My work can be seen there daily or by appointment so feel free to contact me. My paintings are also displayed at Gallery At the Farm at Over the Hills Farm, 3921 Britt Rd, Mt Dora, FL 32757 and can be seen Wed-Sat or by appointment. 

I invite you to join me on Facebook, and/or Instagram and to sign up for my newsletter to keep up with my day to day activity in the studio. The links are in the footer below. 

God bless you,

 Kelley Batson Howard